A new team, a new well, a grateful village

2009 marked the launch of a new Water for South Sudan drilling team. Team B is our second such team and our organization's first to drill in the area of South Sudan that's east of the White Nile.

Launching any new operation requires leadership. Salva Dut and Dep Tuany partnered to hire and train the team's workers as well as acquire supplies and trucks; all to support the team's centerpiece equipment, a new drilling rig. Thanks to fund-raising initiated by the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club, the heavy-duty, six-wheel rig was purchased. Built in Alabama, it was shipped to Mombasa, Kenya, then driven by the team to South Sudan.

Team B's first target drilling area would ultimately be remote villages in the Maiwut area of the Upper Nile state area near the Ethiopian border, hundreds of miles northeast of Juba, South Sudan's capital. That area is Dep Tuany's birthplace and was his home, until he and his wife were forced to flee during the country's civil war. 2009 was the first time Dep had returned to his native land in over twenty years.

A trial run for the new team and its equipment was needed before the long trek to the Upper Nile state. Malek, a village on the main route north, was the site of the team's first well.

A grateful village is now celebrating the team's work, funded by the generosity of our donors and supporters.