A thirst for knowledge can be satisfied

Imagine you’re a woman who treks miles each day for often-contaminated water in desert heat reaching upwards of 120° F. Returning home, you carry a 40 or 50 pound water container on your head. Your children may walk with you, or wait at home for a drink, a bath, or for a cooked meal. They’re not in school because there is no school.

There’s no chance for children, especially young women, to gain a basic education, to create a future that might be different.

Then, a change happens. A borehole well is drilled nearby.

Now, instead of hours walking or waiting for safe, drinkable water, there’s time for other things. Important things for your family, your village.

Your village builds a school. A teacher arrives. Your children have new learning and new dreams for their lives.

You know that safe water can satisfy many thirsts.