Ingenuity and perseverance required

South Sudan is among the world’s poorest regions. Whatever infrastructure may have once existed has been devastated by years of war, lack of government resources and the difficult sub-Saharan desert climate.

Burned-out war wrecks dot the landscape. Minefields remain, most marked by small stones painted red-and-white. Mortar shells and other munitions, many still live and deadly, can be discovered in scarred trees or lying uncovered in the bush.

Hundreds of miles of desert where people live have no electric power. What pass for roads are unpaved, often hacked out of the bush by hand and can’t be traveled six months of the year. There are no accurate road signs, no reliable maps. Whatever motor vehicle supplies such as spare parts, tires, inner tubes, or tools, if available at all, are only accessed in so-called cities or big towns in the region.

Like the people we serve, these are the challenges faced by Water for South Sudan’s operations every day during the drilling season. Led by Salva Dut’s example, the drilling teams consistently demonstrate the ingenuity and perseverance needed to ultimately overcome these challenges.