Transforming communities - globally and locally

"It affects everything in your life when you hear the stories about people in Sudan.  It changes the way you think about things," says Megan Scott, President of the Holocaust, Genocide, & Human Rights Studies Project at Monroe Community College.  "We needed to make a difference."

The Project's mission is exploring history and protecting human rights. Since access to water is a basic human right, the Project has a been a long-time supporter of Water for South Sudan. "Students learn about the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights in class, and they want to bring what they learn into the real world," says Angelique Stevens, MCC Professor and Board member of both the Project and WFSS.  "Water for South Sudan is a perfect outlet for them to take action, to work together as global citizens to make a difference."

Recent members are eager to carry on the work. "It's our duty as humans to advocate for each other," says Elissa Rowley, chair of the Walk for Water committee. "There's nothing stopping us from making the world a better place."

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