Water for South Sudan is partnering with The H2O Project, adding an easy, engaging fundraising option.


The H2O Challenge:

  1. Make water your only beverage for 2 weeks.
  2. Save the money you would usually spend on beverages.
  3. After 2 weeks, donate the money you saved and give someone clean water for a lifetime.

It's as simple as that!


Follow these simple instructions to save a life in 14 days. Increase your impact by getting a group to take the challenge.


  • Keep track of the money you would have spent drinking all that other stuff using our scorecards.
  • Turn in the money you’ve saved.
  • Take the Challenge individually, as a family, or get a group involved. We make it easy — use our checklist and these other support materials, see links below.
  • Donations for this project should be sent to Water for South Sudan, Inc. Make your check, or checks, out to Water for South Sudan, Inc. and write “The H2O Project” in the memo line.

Mail your checks and remittance form to:


Water for South Sudan, Inc.
PO Box 25551
Rochester, NY 14625


Getting Started with Downloadable Support Materials:


Introduction Comments.pdf

Letter from H2O Founder.pdf


Additional Items You May Find Helpful:


Parent Letter Church Use.doc

Church Bulletin One Half.doc

Project FAQ.pdf


Brochure 2up.pdf

Brochure 4up p1.pdf

Brochure 4up p2.pdf

Promotional Materials:


Water for South Sudan DVD (order here)

Project Logo.jpg


Participant supplies: 


Cup Label.doc (Avery Template #5263)

Gave Water Sticker Web Template.doc (Avery Template #8293)

Savings Scorecard.pdf

Tape-on Labels.doc

Wear reminder wristbands: Buy Alliance Antimicrobial Rubber Bands (Size #64 / Item # 42649) from your local office supply store, or contact Mailer’s Mart (866.232.2111). They offer discounts for large bulk orders.


Wrapping Up: 



Feedback Remit.pdf


Information about The H2O Project


The H2O Project was launched in 2001 by Steve and Brenda Koinis a few weeks after Brenda saw a video depicting the removal of a very long guinea worm from a young African boy's leg. The project's goal is to raise awareness of the global need for clean water, and to equip the newly aware with a simple tool for making a difference. (Give up your sodas. Save someone's life!)
The H2O Project does not provide water/drill wells directly, but asks all who participate to send their contributions directly to a water ministry of their choice. Brenda serves as the Project's executive director, while Steve serves in an advisory capacity. Although many volunteers have come alongside the project from time to time, much of the day-to-day work is done by Trisha Gunter, Assistant Director, and Rachael Howell, Marketing Coordinator. Any questions? Visit The H2O Project Home Page.  Send The H2O Project an email.