A Conversation with Salva & Linda Sue

Please join us for special events in October, including a live stream presentation with WFSS founder Salva Dut and Linda Sue Park, award-winning author of A LONG WALK TO WATER, on Oct. 8. More details here.



Drilling Wells, Transforming Lives

Thanks to our donors' and supporters' generosity, Water for South Sudan is achieving the vision of Salva Dut, a former “Lost Boy of Sudan”

Salva is now an American and South Sudanese citizen. He has returned to South Sudan where he spends most of the year overseeing Water for South Sudan operations. He's dedicated himself to aiding his homeland by drilling wells in remote villages of South Sudan. South Sudan became the world's newest nation on July 9 2011. The Darfur and South Kordofan regions remain part of north Sudan and are hundreds of miles north of where Water for South Sudan operates

Without safe water, millions of South Sudanese must trek miles every day to collect water from ponds, marshes, ditches or hand-dug wells. This water is often contaminated with parasites and disease-bearing bacteria. The results are sickness, even death.

Where safe water flows, health, education, and economic development spring up. Water for South Sudan is working alongside the South Sudanese people to make life blossom in the desert thanks to the support of committed volunteers, civic, educational, and faith-based institutions, as well as individual donors and foundations.